Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Greenies, who they really are is uuuugly.

You know how we call the Greenies EnviroNazis?  If you ever thought that was unduly harsh, check this out:

"People will have to be rationed to four modest portions of meat and one litre of milk a week if the world is to avoid run-away climate change, a major new report warns. The report, by the Food Climate Research Network, based at the University of Surrey, also says total food consumption should be reduced, especially "low nutritional value" treats such as alcohol, sweets and chocolates."

Voluntarily, by an enlightened populace?  Hell no!

"Tara Garnett, the report's author, warned that campaigns encouraging people to change their habits voluntarily were doomed to fail and urged the government to use caps on greenhouse gas emissions and carbon pricing to ensure changes were made. "Food is important to us in a great many cultural and symbolic ways, and our food choices are affected by cost, time, habit and other influences," the report says. "Study upon study has shown that awareness-raising campaigns alone are unlikely to work, particularly when it comes to more difficult changes."

 There will be concentration camps, mark my words.  Think upon this before you vote for Elizabeth May and her happy band of Green Party watermelons.


Anonymous said...

There needs to be a compendium maintained of articles such as the one you reference here for reference by those of us who are interested in knowing in detail what these wackjobs are up to. For general reading, these articles and commentary thereon need to find their way into the mainstream press.

felis corpulentis

The Phantom said...

Greetings, O Corpulent One.

I agree, a clearinghouse of this stuff would be nice. I used to do something like that with gun control, but as always time and money issues intervened.

Still, Steven Milloy's Junk Science page works pretty good for that. I found this little editorial about the same study there:

Junk Science is at

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response, Phantom. I hope my little comment from yesterday made your "poor wee blog" a little less "loooonly".

You have some good stuff here.

felis corpulentis

The Phantom said...

Woo, a return commenter! Thanks F.C. This is a red letter day here at the Soapbox!

Truth, I just put things up that catch my fancy. If I got all worked up about readership and site stats I'd end up a bitter old wanker like that Johnny whatsisface guy Kate booted off a while ago. Hippie burnout case with a habit of trolling larger blogs to boost his stats.

We just can't have that, now can we? ~:D