Wednesday, September 26, 2007

new media chew toy: Andromeda Strain!!!! ieeeee!

It had to happen.  Global Warming is starting to be shot to pieces (finally!) as bloggers and smart people discover where the Gaia worshipers lied.  What's the MSM response?  Find a new scare!  Gotta fill those column inches with something, why not make shit up?  Its cheaper that way.

So here it is, killer bugs from space!  I couldn't make this up if I tried, its just too mental.
Now there's a new kid on the inter-planetary catastrophist's block: superbugs. Super spacebugs. Scientists working on and with the space shuttle have found certain bugs, dangerous enough when earth-bound, will grow more powerful in space. Like salmonella, which acts differently, genetically, in space, making it stronger, more deadly.
The newsies have discovered that bacteria act different under zero G.  Holy crap, we're all gonna die!
This is my favorite bit right here.  What about the Man Made© bugs Batman?
...But what of the bugs that might be attached to all the space junk, the old satellites, rockets, probes, missiles constantly falling back to earth?

There's no shortage of outdated, second-hand space trash orbiting the earth while harbouring who knows what kind of mutating space bugs in the weightless environment so conducive to extraordinary growth and genetic variation. Do stories like Michael Crichton's Andromeda Strain really give us an idea of what we might face as we dabble with space discovery and scientific experiments ostensibly aimed at furthering medicine and mankind's advancement as a civilisation?

Yes friends, lets start worrying about the Andromeda Strain and mad scientists brewing up superbugs on rocket ships in space.  Its never too early to jump on the Next Big Scare and make a million lobbying Congress to clean up all that deadly orbiting space junk.  Hey, if nematodes could survive the shuttle crash then so can the Bug That Ate My Face, only squared.

Oops, I used math.  Squared is like times two only different, 'kay?

The Phantom Bug Ignorer


dmorris said...

Hi, Phantom. This is completely OT, but I noticed one of your comments, from "This" magazine, which I linked to from SDA.

You made reference to Canada's "Free medical system", as does almost everyone else on the blogs, and in the MSM. Our hero, Michael Moore, loves to expound on our "free medical system".

The only problem I have is , here in B.C., I get a bill from the Medical Services Plan every month, for $108.00. The "free" plan costs me $1296 per year.
I don't consider $1296 "free", and it bothers me a bit, that this keeps getting repeated, esp on the blogs, until, as they say, it becomes "The Truth", which it is NOT.

So, may I request that in future references to our MSP, we refer to our "inexpensive medical plan, which, if you discounted our high taxes that pay for it, would be a little closer to the truth?

Enjoy your comments at SDA, good work.

The Phantom said...

Thanks D.M.

I guess the BC gubmint feels more secure that Dalton McSwiney's Liberals, here they just take your OHIP payment out of the general tax on your pay stub every month.

If people had to write a check for it (and found out how much they are paying for that "free" care), they'd likely start voting out Liberals.