Friday, February 23, 2007

Idiotic blast from the past.

While on the subject of idiocy we need to protect ourselves from, Wendy Cukier is once again climbing up on the bodies of slain innocents to shriek lies.  Same lies as always, same strident shriek.  Military weapons are DIFFERENT than mere semi-automatic hunting rifles, hunting rifles are ok except not always, blah blah blah.  But there she is, peddling the same old crap in the Ottawa Citizen.

This article is even less logical than most.  Here's my favorite nonsequiter. Hunting rifles are safe for people to own, buuuut....
There is no doubt that many unrestricted semi-automatic hunting rifles are more powerful than [dealdly military death] guns that are restricted. For example the .338-calibre rifle used to kill Laval police constable Valerie Gignac was called "an elephant gun" by the police chief, because of its firepower. Many of the so-called "duck guns" the Harper government wishes to deregulate are extremely powerful semi-automatics.
That would be, at most, a bolt action .338 rifle such as this Ruger.  The police chief is an idiot, because the .338 is most certainly NOT an elephant gun.  An elephant would shrug off a round of .338 more than long enough to kill your ass.  The .338 is an elk and moose gun.  You want an elephant gun you need to go up to .416 Rigby or a .375 H&H magnum., Wendy's just using the chief's convenient sound-bite to further the lie about the gun and its extreme power being the problem.  She also ignores the fact that a standard issue police vest can be penetrated by pretty much any rifle caliber over .223, and a plaster wall won't slow down anything bigger than a .22 rimfire.

The real problem in this case was the Justice Ministry.  It has an unpleasant habit of leaving violent offenders out on the street until they kill a cop.  Just killing the average schlub isn't considered important enough I guess.

Anyway, to complete the absurdity in the next paragraph Wendy says:
My group, the Coalition for Gun Control would not prohibit semi-automatic rifles designed for hunting or semi-automatic handguns designed for target shooting.
That is probably the biggest fib in this whole piece.  Wendy and her minions live for one thing, and that is to ban the private ownership of firearms in Canada.  I'm quite sure they'd disarm the cops if they could.  Those extremely powerful semi-automatic duck gun owners are Wendy's true target.  Men are scum, men with guns are dangerous scum.  That's Wendy's universe, and she would like to make it yours.  So would the Liberal Party of Canada, as evidenced by all the government money they've slid Wendy over the past 13 years.

In other news, guns don't seem to be the only deadly weapons out there.  I'd make the old joke about a knife registry, but they have one of those in England now and I'm sure some useful idiot is polishing up a letter to the editor on the subject.  Plus I can't be bothered, Wendy has made me tired.

At least 2 dead in Hamilton multiple-stabbing

Updated Sat. Feb. 17 2007 8:35 AM ET News Staff

Police in Hamilton, Ont. have confirmed two deaths after an overnight multiple stabbing incident at a night club.
The dead men were 18 and 19 years old, CTV News has learned.
Several others were rushed to hospital with undisclosed injuries.
The violence is alleged to have occurred at the Dizzy Weasel hip hop bar.
An employee of a nearby restaurant told CTV he saw one body on the ground covered by a tarp.
Police are investigating the deaths.
More to come...

Seems the boys were quite determined about the whole affair.  It is really quite hard to stab a guy so that he dies right on the spot.  Two guys in the same fight?  That's serious business.

In the long past days when I was a roadie, the difference between Toronto and Hamilton bars was in the fights.  In Hamilton they threw punches and chairs, in Toronto they would use bottles and knives. 25 years of "progressive" justice have left their mark, the knobs in Hamilton have upgraded.  Nice job, justice guys.

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Gobifish said...

Many of the so-called "duck guns" the Harper government wishes to deregulate are extremely powerful semi-automatics.

A "duck gun" is a shotgun. It is illegal to hunt ducks, or any waterfowel, with anything other than a shotgun. Always has been. So those "extrememly powerful semi-automatics" she's talking about have a maximum effective range of 60 yards.

No doubt about it, a shotgun is deadly at close range. But if she is comparing "duck guns" (i.e. shotguns) to military grade weapons, she is displaying a complete lack of understanding of her subject matter.

As for Harper trying to "deregulate" guns, he's not. He's trying to "de-register" them. The same strict laws regarding aquisition of firearms would still apply.