Monday, November 20, 2006

Euros make amazing discovery: freedom works!

Yes friends, those clever lads in Europe have made an amazing discovery.  Seems that when left alone by government, people behave rationally, carefully and even courteously!

A project implemented by the European Union is currently seeing seven cities and regions clear-cutting their forest of traffic signs. Ejby, in Denmark, is participating in the experiment, as are Ipswich in England and the Belgian town of Ostende.

The utopia has already become a reality in Makkinga, in the Dutch province of Western Frisia. A sign by the entrance to the small town (population 1,000) reads "Verkeersbordvrij" -- "free of traffic signs." Cars bumble unhurriedly over precision-trimmed granite cobblestones. Stop signs and direction signs are nowhere to be seen. There are neither parking meters nor stopping restrictions. There aren't even any lines painted on the streets.

But oddly, there is no carnage in the streets.  How can this be?!  Don't the sheeple all go crazy when there's nobody telling them what to do?  Seems not.

Sounds oddly familiar too.  Don't I remember something like this with... guns?  Citizens are issued concealed carry permits, and nothing happens.  No OK Coral, no St. Valentine's Day Massacre, no Apocalypse Now.

Gee, could there be a connection?

The Sarcastic Phantom

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