Friday, June 09, 2006

Caledonia standoff, OPP sits on their hands

Seems the Indians are attacking news crews right in front of the OPP, as in feet away, in broad daylight, with complete impunity.
The camera operators were filming as part of ongoing coverage of the aboriginal occupation, which started in February when Six Nations members took over a housing construction site. They say they were videotaping an altercation involving an older couple when the aboriginal protesters came running past police to attack them. Const. Keith Robb confirmed police were investigating the allegations that officers didn't intervene.
They didn't intervene the other night when a security guard got his car torched, nor when a reporter got his camera stolen last Friday.  Nor when the protesters burned the transformer station and blacked out half the county for three days, for that matter.

Looks to me like a fit-up.  Rank and file cops aren't going to stick their necks out one tiny bit, they've been told they won't get any backup from their brass or the provincial government on this one.  Protesters attacking some white guy?  Tough. 

White guy fights back?  Oooh., that's different.

Maybe enough of these attacks will embarass McGuinty into applying the law to these mooks, maybe the Provincial Court judge whose order is being roundly ignored will find the OPP in contempt and force them to move the mooks out, or maybe we will all wait until it gets cold and they will go home.  Like, in December.

My money is on December's frost.  No fun being a noble aborigional protester in the snow, eh?

The Phantom

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