Monday, May 15, 2006

galvanic twitch from the Big Red Machine

My friends, a message from a dinosaur's tail takes a loooong time to get up to its tiny pea sized brain.  Case in point, the Liberal Party dinosaur got its entire ass shot off in the December election.  Their finances are in ruins, they have no leader, no platform, no direction, their bag men are on trial for theft or already in the slammer, and Stephen Harper's Conservatives are eating the Liberal's lunch every day and kicking sand in their face. 

Yet the propaganda arm of the Big Red Machine still functions as if it were whole and complete, with Big Jean and Little Paulie at the controls.  To wit:

Sheila Frazer's report on the Gun Registry comes out tomorrow.  It is universally accepted that this report will be scathing, and many (as in not just The Phantom) think a major new Liberal scandal will finally be revealed.  Two billion bucks for a database?  That's a lot of smoke for there to be no fire. 

Harper ran on a promise to kill it, and he's expected to use this report on the registry like Buffy uses a wooden stake on a vampire.  Given that, what's in the Mainstream Media today?

The Asper's National Post:  Poll:  Canadians Don't Want Registry Scrapped
Glowball TV News, part of the Asper's media empire:  Slew of shootings in Ontario
Communist Broadcasting Canada (CBC):  Lobbyists preparing for push on gun registry, control group claims

Glob and Snail, nuttin'.
Toronto (Red) Star, nuttin'.
Hamilton Speculator (Red Star in disguise), nuttin'.

CTV: Tories likely to welcome auditor's newest report
Toronto Sun: Poll, should the Registry be scrapped?  As of 9:00AM, 87% say yes indeed.
Toronto Sun again: Win-Win Day For Tories

The spin angles boil down to:  Either outright support for the registry, a frightened silence, or Harper licking his chops in preparation for taking another big, juicy bite out of the Liberal dinosaur's butt.  Toronto Sun is the only one doing an on line poll, I guess they are the only ones with any interest in what us peons think.

So friends of the Liberals are doing a pre-emptive propaganda strike to protect their sacred cow.  That they are defending the indefensible, and that this will actually hurt the Liberals even more seems not to have occurred to them.  They are reacting as if they were still the majority and riding high.  Message that they LOST and that their story isn't selling anymore is taking a long time to sink in with these guys.

Nowhere do I see mentioned that the Canadian People® have been taken for an 18 year, umpteen billion dollar sleigh ride by their political leaders and their formerly trusted media with this whole gun control concept.  Its crap now, it was crap back when Brian Mulroney and Kim Campbell started it as a PR exercise to great media acclaim, it was crap when Alan Rock ran with it to even greater acclaim, and it will always be crap no matter how many media mavens believe in it and push it on their resisting customers.  A dollar spent on gun control would be better off burnt, but I'm not seeing anybody in the MSM saying that.  Quell suprize.

If Harper has a brain he will take a peek at the declining readership and share prices of these media outfits, read his mail and do the obvious thing:  kill the registry! Drive a whole freakin' telephone pole through its heart, stuff it with garlic, burn it and bury the ashes in a church yard with a silver spade.  On TV too.  The only way he can lose is if he wimps out and lets this thing live.

Tomorrow we shall see.

The Phantom Vampire Slayer

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